Expansion and Improvement of S.H. Abdul Majeed Behbahani Hospital at Saudabad, Karachi.

AMC is a preeminent provider of higher construction services by reliably improving the quality of the construction. The Project of Expansion and renovation of S.H. Abdul Majeed Behbahani Hospital, situated at Saudabad, Karachi was handed over to AMC on January 12th, 1993. It was a building works project and it covered a total area of 11000 Sq Ft. It was a turnkey project, contained two buildings. The first had two storeys (including the ground floor) and second had three storeys (including the ground floor). The project was completed timely on August 26th, 1997.

The task was two-fold; expansion and renovation. The construction team of AMC understood and executed the task efficiently. As a result, we complete the project achieving our timeline, with zero cost overrun.


Provincial Building Div-II, Karachi

Project Location

Karachi, Pakistan

Nature of Works

Building works

Covered Area of the Building

11,000 Sq Ft

Number of Storeys

01+Ground Floor 02+Ground Floor

Date of Award


Stipulated Date of Completion


Date of Completion