Construction of R.C.C. Compound wall 20’ height with 5 NOS R.C.C. Watch Tower 45’ height at Central Jail, Karachi.

The construction task was allocated to AMC on May 6th, 2015. It was a project of infrastructure works. Security has immense importance for the state institution and AMC is trusted enough to produce the required standard for the task. Therefore, AMC contractors were trusted with the construction of R.C.C Boundary Wall of 20’ height. The structure has a total length of 2700 RFT. It is an ongoing project, still under the seasoned hands of AMC contractors.

We have a dedicated team at AMC, whose working strategy is based on safety, standards, and innovation. The contractors of AMC work enthusiastically to provide conducive, improving, and safe environment to all our project members. This makes AMC one of the best construction companies of Karachi.


Project Director, Police and Prison Works.

Project Location

Karachi, Pakistan

Nature of Works

Infrastructure Works, R.C.C Boundary Wall 20’ height

Length of the structure

2700 RFT

Number of Storeys


Date of Award


Stipulated Date of Completion


Date of Completion