Construction of 6th to 12th Floor in Left Wing from Expansion Joint Over the Existing Income Tax Building, Karachi.

The construction project of 6th To 12th Floor in Left-Wing from Expansion Joint, Over the Existing Income Tax Building, Karachi. This project was handed over to AMC on May 19th,1983. It was a turnkey project covering the total area of 150,000 SQ FT. The building has a total number of twelve storeys including the ground floor. AMC completed the construction project of 6th to 12th story on July 30th, 1986. The Cost of the project was PKR 7.973 Million. AMC is always ensuring its longevity through repeat and recommendation business gained by the client’s satisfaction within all areas by the best contractors in Pakistan.


Pakistan Public Works Department

Project Location

Karachi, Pakistan

Nature of Works

Building works

Covered Area of the Building

150,000 Sq Ft

Number of Storeys

2 (Upper 06 storeys completed by AMC) + Ground Floor

Date of Award


Stipulated Date of Completion


Date of Completion